What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What is MIcrosoft dynamics 365

Handling a company entails various hectic activities. The standard management of an organization involves complex scenarios in marketing, sales, personnel management, etc., and that make’s it a tough one. The team undergoes a hard time while handling these day to day operations. To make these jobs easy and less stressful, Microsoft developed a well-organized tool named Dynamic 365. Dynamic 365 provides the organization with an upper hand at executing its procedures and streamline the whole process. Dynamics 365 is your next-generation business tool that’s cloud-based. Dynamic 365 is incorporated with CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Dynamics 365 has several strong features that would benefit an organization to conquer many business challenges. In this article, we’ll go over the topics that will provide the info on what is Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s features and benefits.

What’s Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the cloud-based program launched by Microsoft in July 2016. Many features are integrated within Dynamics 365, such as Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Human resources, Finance and Operations, Marketing, artificial intelligence, business central, etc. This cloud-based application is a combination of ERP and CRM. Microsoft Combined Dynamics AX, which is its ERP application and Dynamics CRM Application. Thus, Dynamic 365 isn’t an ERP product nor a CRM product; it’s the combination of both incorporated into a single application. The Dynamic 365 suite comes in two variants Business and enterprise, which offer features and use on various levels.


Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition

The enterprise edition of dynamics 365 is your upcoming big thing in the growth of combined ERP and CRM. The enterprise version of Dynamics 365 comprises six modules

1) Finance and operation

It was formerly called Microsoft dynamic AX. This feature provides tools necessary for project management, production planning, cost management, etc., which could assist an organization in making a well-informed decision.


This would be the core functionality offered in the Dynamics CRM program. It provides better client engagement, revenue, and performance metrics.

3) Marketing

The Microsoft partnered with Adobe For the marketing module. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is connected to Adobe marketing cloud to provide customized and better marketing tools to get improved campaign management.

4) Customer service

This module offers various tools for improved customer engagement and customer support for the service representatives.

5)Project service

This can be a lot helpful for professional services organizations and project-based companies. This tool will assist in the planning of the project, resource scheduling, service analytics, etc..

6)Field service

This will come handy for the organizations and business which has field agents and field employees. This module has been formerly available in the name of Dynamics CRM extension. This module provides the company with an upper hand in monitoring resources, inventory management, etc.


This module covers the areas of HR. This cloud support is connected to LinkedIn for hiring and onboarding new workers. We can buy this module of dynamic AX separately.


This module will be helpful for the business that requires operational insights and merchandise administration. This module of Dynamic AX can also be able to purchase separately.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tutorial

Dynamics 365, business edition

The business edition of the dynamics 365 is best for the companies that have about 10-250 employees. Apart from that, the business edition comes with fewer modules than the enterprise edition. The business edition has three modules.

1)Finance and operation

This module is based on the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Based on Dynamics CRM but optimized to fulfill the requirements of small businesses.


This module was released by the year of 2017. Well optimized and highly efficient for a small organization.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

Microsoft dynamics 365 has the ideal combination when it concerns the use and features of a CRM program and an ERP tool. Microsoft Dynamics helps to effectively handle many tasks, such as sales, customer service, marketing, financials, etc. Apart from that, Dynamics 365 is integrated with a variety of tools like office 365, Outlook, and Excel, making the communication and reporting up to the mark. Dynamics 365 also offers several other benefits that guarantee a rise in the ROI of your company. Below are some of the advantages which will assist your company in developing.

Real-time report

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application, the data gathered can be accessed by everyone. They will provide real-time interaction between clients, hence allow them to make a better decision.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

The analytics will supply you with all the information concerning the business. It will provide you with a good idea of what is going on and what you need to do so as to keep up the current marketplace. At the same time, the BI analyzes the data and provides you with well managed and planned information that will make a significant difference in your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with a built-in BI.

Better scalability

Since Microsoft dynamics 365 is a cloud-based integrated CRM, it offers a business-friendly interface to manage the customer engagement process. So this would assist a company in scaling up its customer engagement processes and enhance sales as well. A cloud-based system such as Dynamic 365 will increase security, improves accessibility, and mobility.

Provide both cloud-based and on-premise application

Contrary to other applications, Dynamics 365 provides in cloud, on-premise, and also as a hybrid. This enables an organization to utilize the application the way that they require. For a Smaller organization, on-premise might be a better option.


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