What’s The Scope Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM?

Job Opportunities In Dynamics 365 Domain

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement(CRM)?

Dynamics Customer Engagement is one of the market leaders in the customer relationship management software segment. It is quite user-friendly and useful for your business for managing your customer data. Customer data and the right usage of customer data are key to the success of businesses of any size. Dynamics Customer Engagement(Customer Engagement(CRM)) lets us do that among many other things.

Scope of Dynamics 365 CE/CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based software suite that helps to automate your complex business processes and capable of scale as your business grows. Dynamics 365 plays a vital role in automating your sales, customer service, finance, operations of your organization along with the protection of customer engagement data including mobile devices. Dynamics 365 suite combines the capabilities of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in a single framework. The CRM and ERP channels work together effortlessly to execute multiple tasks – finance and operations, sales, customer service, field service, and talent – at a time. There is a huge scope for Dynamics 365 CE/CRM, and we have listed down below.

Some of the features of the Dynamics Customer Engagement(Customer Engagement(CRM))/365 are:

Keep track of customer data

Keep your customer data as Accounts and Contacts and everything related to your customers.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Lets you collect, analyze, nurture your leads and quality to Opportunities. Can track all your Opportunities and revenue from each of your opportunities.

Quote and Order Management

The native (out-of-the-box) quote and order management features of Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) lets the sales-force of your organization send customers quotes faster and then take orders from them easier. Also, you can integrate with your ERP systems so that order and revenue information will be well synced between Customer Engagement(CRM) and ERP.

Marketing Management

Can conduct marketing campaigns, track the performance of the campaigns and then collect the campaign responses. Lets you conduct email marketing campaigns right from within Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) application if email router is configured. Also, calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns using inbuilt reports.

Customer Service

Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) enable you to perform your customer service operations better with more accurate data. You can keep track of all your customer issues at a single place and serve them better. Knowledge Base (KB) in the application will help customer service agents to pull issue related information and troubleshoot issues faster.

Contract Management

Can define and keep track of contracts for customer service projects for both B2B and B2C types of businesses. Businesses can manage their customer contracts and update customers to renew contracts easier.

Dynamics 365

With the release of Dynamics 365 suite, Dynamics Customer Engagement(CRM) becomes stronger and has easier connection Microsoft Dynamics applications such as Dynamics AX, NAV. Now from the same suite, you can access Customer Engagement(CRM) as well as ERP features such as project management, financing, operation management, etc.

In Dynamics 365 each of the modules is known as apps, so the legendary sales, marketing and service modules of Dynamics Customer Engagement are now available as apps- Dynamics 365 for Sales( Sales and Marketing) and Dynamics 365 for Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, etc. Their extensive implementation and in-depth understanding is something which you will learn with our Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement OnDemand Courses.

Job Opportunities In Dynamics 365

Scope of dynamics CRM

It is always the right time to begin a great career in your life; you may be an IT graduate with basic computer skills or an IT expert due to high scope of Dynamics CE/CRM there are many job opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Whoever you are, Dynamics 365 is a good career option for you to choose from. As people say, “learn something new to earn something more”.

Present-day, more and more corporate started using Dynamics 365 suite and its related products, and they are in need of trained and qualified professionals on Dynamics 365 since the product suite’ inception in November 2016.

The most highlighting thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that there are not enough certified resources available as of day. Day by day more organizations are feeling comfortable with the user-friendly features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and started using the suite. In short, there are plenty of job opportunities on Dynamics 365 domain – Dynamics 365 customer engagement(CRM) and Dynamics 365 Unified Operations(ERP) together – that you can pursue.

With a growing demand for Dynamics 365 applications – Dynamics Customer Engagement and Unified Operations – there is a demand for skilled professionals on domain too. Nigel Frank, a leading hiring firm specialized in Dynamics 365 conducted a survey on the number of job opportunities available on this domain. If you are an IT professional with knowledge on Dynamics 365, chances are high that you would get your dream job in a dream company soon.

As digital transformation nurtures huge growth in the business software industry, Dynamics 365 growing its market share, garnering new customers as well as the countless Dynamics customers making the move to Dynamics 365.

Job Roles In Dynamics 365

When you search for Dynamics 365 job vacancies on the Internet you will be able to find questions like which is the best course to get a job on Dynamics 365, what is the best training institute in your city for Dynamics 365 training and finally what is the best paying job role on Dynamics 365? Well, the demand for you should definitely know what is the best job for you when you start on Dynamics 365.

A certified Dynamics 365 professional with 3-5 experience can earn around $10,000 per month and would increase as your skill and experience.

The Major Job Roles Are :

There are so many professionals working in Dynamics 365  to cover a wide range of job roles. The duties and responsibilities for each job role are listed below.

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant

Businesses are looking for Dynamics 365 Consultants with strong technical knowledge to transform their operations -Dynamics CRM or ERP. Consultants will be responsible for understanding the existing Dynamics 365 environment, design the enhancement requirements and customize the system as per customer requirement.

Technical consultants are mostly skilled on either Dynamics 365 ERP – Dynamics Ax, Dynamics NAV, Business Central or Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 CRM( Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Service Automation).

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analyst

Business analysts on Dynamics 365 – Dynamics 365 customer engagement(CRM) or Dynamics 365 Unified Operations(ERP) are responsible for interacting with the client or client representatives and understand their CRM/ERP business requirements and communicate that with the delivery team to carry out the implementation.

Companies are looking for business analysts with hands-on experience on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems – Dynamics Ax, Dynamics NAV,
Dynamics GP-to their team. Mostly these are onsite opportunities where clients offering a $110K base salary based upon candidate’s experience.

Business analysts have to work closely with the Sales and Operations divisions of the organization and need to deal with the integration of third-party applications with Dynamics 365 for their CRM or ERP requirements.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Junior Analyst

Companies are looking to add an Analyst with Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience to their team. This position is offering up to $70K base salary based upon candidate experiences.

4. Dynamics 365 System Administrator

A skilled Dynamics 365 system administrator is responsible for supervising and helping delivery teams on implementing Dynamics CRM and ERP systems. And also need to provide support to Dynamics 365 users – business users and power users- of the company. Currently, a good percentage of companies who use Dynamics 365 are relying completely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners for implementation. An expert Dynamics 365 system administrator should be able to do all the installation, configuration, user management.

5. Dynamics CRM Administrator

Dynamics 365 CRM administrator should be capable of working with the latest features of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM), which is mostly on the cloud, and as well on on-premise.

Their roles include planning and design for Dynamics 365 on-premise installation and setup, configure security roles, assign licenses, team and user management.

Skills needed for this job are: customizing and configuring Dynamics 365 CRM system, collaborating with stakeholders and implement solutions for the system, conduct performance audit and system upgrade.

Dynamics 365 Salary Survey

Salary in Dynamics 365 varies according to the Post you handle and the years of experience in the corresponding field. Nigel Frank is an international leader in Microsoft Technologies recruitment and they are updating vacancies in Dynamics 365 worldwide.

Nigel Frank Survey has revealed complete data about Dynamics 365 survey in 2018.

How To Get Certified In Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications can be achieved by passing the certification exams conducted by Microsoft – online exams mostly. The route to get certified on Dynamics 365 is possible through effective training and learning.

Most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 examinations have a duration of 90 minutes with 45-50 questions. These exams your expertise on Microsoft 365 technologies and helps you advance your career.

There are no prerequisites to get your MCSA, but you have to pass seven exams in Dynamics 365 domain;

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM ) Certifications:

1. MB2-715 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Online Deployment.
2. MB2-716 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration.
3. MB2-717 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
4. MB2-718 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.
5. MB2-877 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations:

6. MB6-890 Microsoft Dynamics AX customization.
7. MB6-894 Development, Extensions, and Deployment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
8. MB6-895 – Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

9.  MB6-892 Microsoft Dynamics AX – Distribution and Trade.
10. MB6-893 Microsoft Dynamics AX – Financials

Value Of Dynamics 365 Certification

Having an MCSE and/or MCSA certification will make you one of the best-certified candidates in the IT market and so you are considered as one who actually has taken time to take classes and pass the exams. Microsoft has modernized their certification exam which now requires you to show expertise and sometimes you would require multiple attempts to pass. (Microsoft certifications passing rate is 96% ).

When you complete one of these Microsoft certifications, you will also become a member of the Microsoft community. Microsoft caters to those who are willing to spend money on their products and offer invitations to special occasions, training, meetings, and conferences to people who have the MCSE Certification.

Microsoft certifications would help you get higher pay at your work and your job will be more secure. Once you achieve your MCSE just need to update and recertify every year.

Microsoft certification double your value in this field. Once you complete the training start the procedure for certification proceedings.

How To Get Trained In Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you’re are thinking about switching your career to Dynamics 365 then you’re at the right spot. You can learn Dynamics 365 technology yourself through online resources or you can attend training programs – online as well as classroom training programs- conducted by various institutes.
There exist online video courses as well that would your way of learning if you don’t have time to attend training programs. Choose the right training institute based on affiliation with Microsoft and quality training.

There are various academies – online as well as physical – providing Dynamics 365 training for individuals and teams and you can access or buy from anywhere and learn.

About Magnifez Academy

Magnifez Academy is the training wing of Magnifez Technologies and one of the leading training institutes for the Dynamics 365 domain in the city. They manage a group of certified trainers to deliver training in different formats – online, classroom, video courses and corporate. Magnifez Academy is in the training domain for a couple of years and holds experience in the corporate as well as individual training. We deliver online and corporate training especially on Dynamics 365 domain – Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics, and Sharepoint, etc. Magnifez Academy has a specialized syllabus for their training programs – job-oriented as well as certification-based training. And they help with interview preparation as well as placement assistance along with their training programs and have training institutes in Bangalore and in Calicut.

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