Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 Interview Questions

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List of most frequently asked interview questions on Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013

As the first release of Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 ( ver 6.0) comes with a lot of changes in User Interface, Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 Service Pack1 (SP1)  brings you a considerable number of changes in the features along with UI, especially in the service management module. So if an interviewer is keen to check your knowledge on MS Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 then you can expect some tough questions from the new service management and service scheduling features added MS Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 Interview Questions

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) 2013 Interview Questions

1. Difference between Retrieve and RetrieveMulitiple?

2. Difference between Retrieve, RetrieveMultiple, and Fetch?

3. Where to use REST and where to use SOAP in Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM)

4. Difference between REST and SOAP

5. Is REST is synchronous or Asynchronous?

6. Is we want to run a plugin for outlook offline mode, what we need to do?

7. How to create early binding classes in Customer Engagement (CRM)?

8. Difference between the Secure and Unsecured configuration of Plugin, in registration tool.

9. Different ways to debug a plug-in. On-premise as well as online.

10. What is context.depth? And where we use it?

11. What is correlation id? Where we use it?

12. What are Pre-Entity and Post-Entity images?

13. How to add a drag-and-drop functionality on a Customer Engagement (CRM) form?

14. How to add/host.aspx files in Customer Engagement (CRM) server?

15. How to integrate a portal with the portal with Customer Engagement (CRM)?

16. How to connect web enquires with Customer Engagement (CRM) and convert into leads?

17. AutoNumbering plugin with outlook offline mode? How to synchronize it and what is the way around?

18. When we create a custom entity what are the changes will happen in Customer Engagement (CRM) database?

19. Shared variable – how to share values between two plug-in stages( pre-event and post-event stages? 20. Scope of shared variables.

21. Impersonate – how and where to use impersonation in dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM)?

22. Can the same field appear twice in form?


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