Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Interview Questions

microsoft dynamics crm interview questions

If you’re trying to find the Interview questions on Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM, to perform well in the interview, then you have made it to the right place. Here we have researched and listed the most probable Microsoft Dynamics CRM interview questions to be asked in an interview.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM?

This would be the very first thing that you would need to know before going to your interview for the job on Dynamics CE/CRM. So, basically Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a Customer relationship management suite. The Dynamics CRM suite comprises of 3 modules.

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales module

This module gives you the capacity to provide much better customer engagement, revenue, etc. This module has been further divided into various categories.

  • Opportunity management
  • Revenue process management
  • Pipeline optimization
  • Quotes
  • Purchase management
  • Salesforce management
  • Revenue literature
  • Direct email

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer service module

This Module of Dynamics CRM provides different tools that will enable you to retain the customers with enhanced customer engagement and customer support. The Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM Customer service module comprises

  • Case management
  • A total 360-degree perspective of customer data
  • Automated routing and queuing
  • Auto-response
  • Email
  • Email management
  • Service scheduling
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Service Contracts

Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing module

In this module, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Linked together with Adobe marketing cloud. This allows you with improved marketing tools and customized tools, which will enable you to boost your campaign management. The Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM Module contains other subcategories.

  • Campaign management
  • Marketing list management
  • List segmentation
  • Campaign implementation
  • Marketing analytics

So, that’s all you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now let’s look at those Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview questions that will help you to perform well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Questions

Question 1. Do all attribute data types support to restrict all permissions with Field Level Security in Dynamics 365?

Question 2. How do you secure fields behave for Offline Synchronization in Customer Engagement?

Question 3. On creation of Entity How Many tables will be created at the back end Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 4. Where can we change the number, currency, and time formats in CRM 365?

Question 5. What type of Operations and Data can be audited in CRM?

Question 6. Have you integrated CRM with other systems, what was it and did you faced any problems in Dynamics365?

Question 7. How do you estimate CRM customization?

Question 8. Tell me about a project which went wrong, what were the reasons, and how did you solve?

Question 9.  Explain how pre-validate different plugins in CRM?

Question 10.  How do you test your code in Dynamics365?

Question 11. What features do you find to be the most useful in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 12. How are asynchronous and synchronous plugins different CRMs?

Question 13. What is a common cause of plugin bugs in Customer Engagement?

Question 14. What is early binding, what are the benefits and the drawbacks?

Question 15. Should you keep up with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Question 16. How do you keep up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM news?

Question 17. When do you use Open Data in CRM?

Question 18. What are access teams, and why would you use them Dynamics365?

Question 19. What is Metadata, and how is it used in CRM 365?

Question 20. What is the importance of code readability in Dynamics365?

Question 21. Have you ever faced a performance-related issue in MS Dynamics 365 CRM, how you have resolved it 365 CRM?

Question 22. What is the difference between FIND and ADVANCED FIND in MS Dynamics 365 CRM? Which is faster?

Question 23. What is the scope in MS Dynamics 365 CRM system workflow, and why is it used for?

Question 24. What is the use of ownership while creating an entity in MS Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 25. What is the difference between fields in User or Team owned Entity and Organization Owned Entity?

Question 26. What is security depth Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 27. What is Data impersonation in MS Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 28. Difference between System Administrator and System Customizer security role in Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement CRM?

Question 29. When do we register a plugin in the child pipeline? Give examples in Dynamics 365?

Question 30. If you delete a record from UI, what happens in the database. Can you bring the record back?

Question 31. What is the deletion service? Can you change its schedule?

Question 32. What do you mean by filtered views in CRM 365?

Question 33. What is the importance of code readability in CRM?

Question 34. Can system admin create, update, or delete the personal view of another user?

Question 35. How many types of relationships and relationship behavior exist in MS Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 36. Why is Code Readability important? If a user complained a particular CRM form is loading slowly, how to investigate, what to look for?

Question 37. If CRM stopped working, what would you check?

Question 38. What is a POA table, and how it affects performance in CRM 365?

Question 39.  On creation of Entity, how many tables will be created at the back end?

Question 40. What are the advantages of Web API?

Question 41.  What are the major changes happened in Dynamics 365 CRM compared to previous versions?

Question 42.  Can Default solution be exported as a managed solution?

Question 43. What are editable grids and can it be used as sub-grids in Dynamics 365?

Question 44. What are the editable grid events?

Question 45. What is the difference in the services between the CRM versions?

Question 46. What is ‘Append’ and ‘Append To’ privilege in MS CRM ? Give one example of it?

Question 47. How to create a Custom Entity record using SDK in Dynamics 365?

Question 48. What is the maximum number of tabs allowed on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 form?

Question 49. Which development tool do you use for CRM development?

Question 50. When do you use managed and unmanaged solutions?

Question 51. What are the disadvantages of managed and unmanaged solutions in CRM 365?

Question 52. What are the potential problems with multiple developers working on a project?

Question 53. How do you debug a plugin in Dynamics 365 CRM?

Question 54. What is the Microsoft CRM test?

Question 55. How do you debug JavaScript?


If these aren’t enough we have handpicked some of the questions from these and provided with answers. For more interview questions and answers visit: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) Interview Questions and Answers




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