Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) Interview Questions Part 2

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) interview Questions Part 2

1. Do all attribute data types support to restrict all permissions with Field Level Security in Dynamics 365?

2. How do you secure fields behave for Offline Synchronization in Customer Engagement?

3. On creation of Entity How Many tables will be created at the back end Dynamics 365 CRM?

4. Where can we change the number, currency and time formats in CRM 365?

5. What type of Operations and Data can be audited in CRM?

6. Have you integrated CRM with other systems, what was it and did you faced any problems in Dynamics365?

7. How do you estimate CRM customization?

8. Tell me about a project which went wrong, what were the reasons and how did you solve?

9. Explain how pre-validate different plugins in CRM?

10. How do you test your code in Dynamics365?

11. What features do you find to be the most useful in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

12. How are asynchronous and synchronous plugins different CRMs?

13. What is a common cause of plugin bugs in Customer Engagement?

14. What is early binding, what are the benefits and the drawbacks?

15. Should you keep up with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

16. How do you keep up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM news?

17. When do you use Open Data in CRM?

18. What are access teams and why would you use them Dynamics365?

19. What is Metadata and how is it used in CRM 365?

20. What is the importance of code readability in Dynamics365?

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